Big Boi, CeeLo & Organized Noize Unite For A Dungeon Family Reunion (Audio)

UPDATE: The official music video for “We The Ones”:

ORIGINAL MAY 6 POST: Last week, Hip-Hop celebrated Outkast and Organized Noize with the 23rd anniversary of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. That LaFace Records classic was a true collaboration between Andre 3000, Big Boi, and the production trio of Sleepy Brown, Ray Murray, as well as leader Rico Wade. That album was a funky creation made in the dank Dungeon studios, where one of Rap music’s most powerful, and most creative families was formed.

In time, ‘Dre and Big would step into their own as producers, slowly but surely taking on some of the workload on following ‘Kast albums. As depicted in 2016 Flavor Unit Entertainment documentary¬†The Art of Organized Noize, that was not always an amicable decision with the three producing-songwriters who cultivated ‘Kast since an early age.

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Still waters run deep.

As Big Boi plugs away at his third solo album (Boomiverse) which is said to have strong input by Organized, the producers flashed the market with an EP of their own. While 2001’s Even In Darkness was their project (billed as a Dungeon Family group affair), the guys have not dropped anything as a collective since. That changed, albeit quietly in the last 48 hours with a self-titled EP.

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Organized Noize includes seven songs and features¬†2 Chainz, Joi, and Scar. On “We The Ones,” Big Boi, CeeLo Green, and famous D.F. Spoken Word contributor Big Rube. With a futuristic drum and synth line, the chorus urges all to “Stand up, to oppression / Stand up to all aggression.” CeeLo chips in there too. The song plays like one of those expanded Organized jam session. Then, at 2:20, Big Boi enters with a verse that slides right in. Recalling the burning CVS from the 2015 Baltimore protests, Daddy Fat Sax raps “That’s just superficial, on the surface / The people are up in arms, ’cause they’re killin’ us on purpose / So now they pray for calm, ’cause America is nervous / Thank you for your service,” Big Boi spits, before reminding those in power that his grandfather and father were both military vets, protecting this country. Rube closes the song with one of his signature poems.