Watch The Troubling Alternate Ending To Get Out (Video)

2017’s Get Out not only raised the bar for how a horror film should perform at a box office, but also its place in the cultural zeitgeist. Featuring none of the gore, kitsch, or apparitions of juggernaut classics of the genre like the Halloween series and The Shining, the Jordan Peele-directed film was understated yet impactful, and brilliantly brought into frame America’s fraught racial climate. White people are literally the boogeyman in the movie, which rightfully hit a nerve. The film has become the highest-grossing domestic release from a Black director, and it continues to inspire countless parodies, talking points, and memes.


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In the months since its February release, the ending to Get Out continues to be considered a happy one. After all, lead character Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya) gets away, managing to kill his evil girlfriend Rose – a rare occurrence in real life, when Black Americans are, without hesitation, considered to be the attacker in any violent struggle. However, there has also been plenty of discussion about a so-called alternate ending to the film, stoked by Peele’s own statements about the existence of a parallel conclusion to his directorial debut. However, fans were left to wonder what such an ending would look like, as no footage was released. Until this week.

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As seen at Okayplayer, Peele has opted to provide angsty viewers with his long-promised alternate ending, as part of the film’s DVD release. As the report suggests, it is “absolutely depressing.” Rather than escaping from his harrowing ordeal and being seen as the innocent victim of a White family’s evil plot, Chris is arrested for murder and can be seen sporting the orange jumpsuit of an inmate.

This alternate ending, as well as another, not-yet-released version, will be available on the at-home edition of Get Out, which arrives May 23.