Marsha Ambrosius Explains Why She Will Never Say Yes To Another Floetry Reunion (Video)

In the first half of the 2000s, Floetry was an exciting addition to the Soul genre and Philly’s booming scene. Marsha Ambrosious and Natalie Stewart made two Top 20 albums, with 2005’s Flo’Ology sophomore peaking at #7. The five-time Grammy-nominated duo made their fans “Say Yes” right along with them, even through continental relocation, label shifts, and solo pursuits.

Following Marsha’s Neo Soul Is Dead mixtape, she and Stewart reportedly split in 2007. To finish a tour, Amanda Seales would replace Natalie, who exited. As soloists, each singer recorded albums. Marsha would get down with Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment for a time. While she twice worked with The Game, nothing released at the label. 2011’s Late Nights & Early Mornings proved it all, with a #2 charting position and a narrowing gap to gold certification. However, in the mid-2010s, Stewart and Ambrosius reunited, reportedly with the fan requests in mind. They embarked on a tour. However, as Marsha tells Sway In The Morning, that experience was a reminder as to why Floetry was short-lived in the 2000s, and pulled the plug after two recent reunion years on on the road.

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During her “5 Fingers Of Death” freestyle (23:00), Marsha sings, “Used to be Floetry, but no mo’ / Because now it’s just me/ So-lo.” At 25:30, Sway digs into those impromptu lyrics. The host states that there is “no chance” of more music. Ambrosius confirms, “no.” Then Sway asks if she and Stewart “are cool?” The newly-independent songstress replies, “No. You know what’s crazy? Certain things…and this goes beyond why Floetry broke up [as I learned] a year ago just why we’re not supposed to be in a group together. And that’s okay with me. I had to find closure in understanding what that was.” Marsha, who is accompanied by her new spouse and father to her child, Dez (who was formerly part of Natalie Stewart’s road management on the reunion tour), says the recent fallout came from her pregnancy. The collaborator of Nas, T.I., Fabolous, and Hi-Tek reveals she learned she was expecting early on tour. At risk of upsetting fans, her musical partner, and the tour, she waited until the final leg to go public. After getting nauseated on stage, she told everyone…including Natalie Stewart. In spite of that announcement, she says her band-mate still smoked marijuana on the tour bus, despite the health concerns for Marsha’s baby. “You just are the most not-get-right person; you will never pray for me, [never] look out for me, nothing. It’s just not there. I was like, ‘Were we ever cool?’ It makes you check yourself. I was really loyal to a fault to someone that didn’t expect me to be there, ’cause they weren’t my friend like that.”

Marsha Ambrosius vehemently denies rumors that she and Stewart broke up due to a lovers quarrel between them. “Absolutely not true,” she stresses to Sway. She says the group disbanded a decade ago due to Natalie’s change of management (away from Julius Erving, III). Her new representatives reportedly accosted then-Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine into giving Stewart a solo deal. “Geffen said ‘walk.’ I’m left at the label, like ‘How did I get here?’ That’s how Amanda Diva ends up on a Floetry remix tour because I was still obligated to sell some records on this deal that I’m tied into.” Marsha admits she and Amanda Seales (who now stars on Insecure) once nearly came to blows due to stress. The singer apologizes to her fill-in. “I tried…I really tried for the fans, the hardest.”

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She calls the duo’s time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “a superstar moment” as they were immersed in a musical movement that also included Jill Scott, production duo Dre & Vidal, The Roots, and others. “I still work with the same people,” she says, of “a small circle.”

In the interview Ambrosius also discusses giving birth to one of her songs, going independent, and finding new love.