T.Y.E Is An Opera Singer Who Can Rap With The Best Of Them (Video)

On June 9, Dallas-bred rapper T.Y.E Harris will release 32, an exploratory album with song titles like “UFOs & Aliens,” “Universe,” and “La La Land.” Hailing from the grim surroundings of the Oak Cliff neighborhood, his music serves as an exercise in escaping not only the confines of his external circumstances, but also those of the bipolar disorder engaging him in frequent internal struggles. Also a classically trained opera singer, T.Y.E’s gifts stretch far beyond the constraints of Rap music, though his burgeoning skills as a spitter are the primary focus in his latest single, “Eternity.”

In the video, a suited and bow-T.Y.E’d protagonist gets around on public transportation, his formal attire in stark contrast to others on the bus. The cues to a theme based on “otherness” and presumed “out of place-ness” continue throughout, as he rhymes about class warfare, racial divide, and more all while entering a space thought to be more “high brown.” He arrives late to his recital, where he takes to the stage and recites his street poetry in a venue more commonly reserved for arias and cantatas. The Dance Dailey-shot video, however, isn’t overly dramatic and instead allows for T.Y.E to rap (and sing) an important message with little by way of fanfare.

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Clearly, T.Y.E and his creative team are not frugal with a conceptual approach. In the closing sequence for “Eternity,” viewers are treated to a cliffhanger littered with allusions to Eddie Murphy. T.Y.E’s debut album is slated for a June release through Passion of the WeissPOW Recordings.

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