FRESH For 2017: Watch Video Of The Unveiling Of Scott La Rock Boulevard

Boogie Down Productions co-founder Scott La Rock (aka Scott Sterling) was immortalized with a boulevard named in his honor, in the borough he loved. In the Bronx, New York yesterday (May 19), Scott La Rock, Jr., D-Nice, DJ Red Alert, 3rd Bass’ Prime Minister Pete Nice, DJ Jazzy Jay, Ultramagnetic MC’s member Ced Gee, Grand Wizzard Theodore, Castle D, as well as Universal Hip Hop Museum founder and event organizer Rocky Bucano were among those on hand for the ceremony honoring the DJ/producer known for his role in Criminal Minded and mentoring musical partner KRS-One.

At the intersection of Jerome Avenue and Kingsbridge Boulevard is the location of the block named after the artist who was fatally shot in the BX August of 1987—months after the release of his group’s full-length debut.

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NYC Councilman Fernando Cabrera spoke at the event, deeming La Rock both “a genius” and “committed to helping others his entire life.” Sterling’s contributions as a social worker, a role which he led him to KRS, were also praised. Cabrera explains the significance of that location as well, facing the Kingsbridge Armory, where Sterling also worked for a time.

Other video shows B.D.P. hits such as “South Bronx” blasting while cars driving by honored the event.

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The naming ceremony was first reported on Ambrosia For Heads following Scott Jr.’s appearance on DJ Eclipse’s Rap Is Outta Control radio show on Sirius’ Hip Hop Nation.

MC/DJ/photographer D-Nice, who Scott La Rock, Jr. has called a constant in his life since his father’s passing, reacted online:

Hip-Hop and Punk documentarian and acclaimed photographer Janette Beckman also posted this photo, of the Hip-Hop artists in attendance:

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In March, Criminal Minded celebrated its 30th anniversary. In related news, B.D.P. co-founder KRS-One released his 13th solo album, The World Is Mind, earlier this month.

Photo by Pete Nice.