Outkast & UGK Redefined Southern Rap. A New Song Shows Their Work Isn’t Done (Audio)

In the early 1990s, both OutKast and UGK made some incredible records. From Atlanta, Georgia and Port Arthur, Texas, these two duos used Funk, Blues, Rock & Roll to create their brand of Hip-Hop colorful, unpredictable, and highly authentic. Both acts wanted the rest of the Rap map to know that “The South got somethin’ to say,” and proved that it was unique and also lyrically substantial.

By 2007, that point was beyond well-made. The two groups combined forces for a smash hit in “International Players Anthem (I Choose You).” That blockbuster record set UGK up for a #1 album, and a major pedestal just months before Pimp C’s untimely death.

Big Boi, Killer Mike & Jeezy Are 2017 Atliens On “Kill Jill” (Video)

For Big Boi’s upcoming Boomiverse album (June 16), he and the late Pimp are able to convey that it’s still about putting it down on “In The South.” Big Boi uses Chad Butler’s sharp voice to drive a catchy chorus, true of Pimp C’s mantra. Gucci Mane, a 2000s artist who would rise to the top of the charts in thanks to the foundation laid by Underground Kingz and ‘Kast, also joins the party. Guwop leads with a verse filled with some of the decorations he learn from “Daddy Fat Sax” and “Sweet Jones.” It’s about style, sales, women, and stuntin’. Big Boi plays clean up with a nimble verse with double-time delivery. He’s still talking about partying and sex right beside his latest accounts of unneeded gun violence in the streets.

Big Boi, Run The Jewels & Danger Mouse Dare Competition To Keep Up (Audio)

Big Boi’s first solo LP on Epic Records will also feature Kurupt, Killer Mike, and Snoop Dogg. Mike and Jeezy are on the “Kill Jill” video single.