Ice-T Spits Punchy Bars On A Completely Different 6 ‘N The Mornin’ (Audio)

Although there are certainly other contenders, perhaps the verse of Ice-T’s career is “6 ‘N The Mornin’.” Thirty-one years ago the O.G. waxed an incredible tale about how his day begins for Techno Hop Records. The Unknown DJ (later of Compton’s Most Wanted) laid down a beat that knocked as hard as “Johnny Law” did at Ice’s door.

That record, which re-appeared on 1987’s Rhyme Pays album, helped bring attention to a regional movement, a style of rapping, and the versatile author, actor, and voice of O.G. wisdom behind the bars.

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More than 30 years later, Ice appears on “6:00 AM” by a California-based MC by the name of Skinny. This version begins with a knock too. The song is less than two minutes long. However, like the last, when Ice is awakened, he spits. At 35 seconds in, after being disturbed, The O.G. raps about firing back at his trespassers from his arsenal. After the verse the beat breaks, and things get sort of trippy. This is a completely different sound from the Rhyme Syndicate O.G.

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In 2014, Ice co-signed a cover version by Papoose, Jim Jones, and Jadakiss. He appeared in the video.

This one is from Skinny’s Late Night BLVD EP, which also features Freddie Gibbs. In March, T’s Metal band Body Count released their Bloodlust album. They are presently on tour.

#BonusBeat: Ice-T and Skinny recording “6:00 AM” in the studio:

A music video follows.