Kool G Rap, Termanology & Saigon Show They Can Outrun Life’s Biggest Obstacles (Video)

Kool G Rap has just released Return of the Don, and the Juice Crew legend’s triumphant return to his solo career does not disappoint. For more than three decades, the Queens, New York MC has remained an influence on any rapper who values complexity of structure and innovation in flow (whether they realize it or not), and he enlisted the help of talent representing several generations of Hip-Hop: Raekwon, Cormega, and Conway The Machine, among others. Fewer than 24 hours since a sneak preview of the LP premiered at Ambrosia for Heads, he drops the video for “Running,” starring Termanology and Saigon in supporting roles.

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Premiering at Mass Appeal, the video (directed by Myster DL of Ill Mannered Films), pieces together various vignettes – children stealing snacks from a corner store, a man overwhelmed by bills in his mailbox, an undercover DEA sting – which deal with life’s tendency to catch up to us. First up to bat, Termanology reminds us that “The most important thing that you got in this life is your health/Don’t distort it or destroy it acquirin’ wealth,” while G Rap serves up a reminder that he’s determined to win, regardless of what must be done to achieve his goals (“We tryin’ to raise bread up / My sh*t can raise the dead up, 28 days later / Zombie bullets ate your face up“).

About the collaboration, G Rap says he admires Term’ and Saigon for bringing their A game, and reflects on his friendship with the two MCs, particularly “Sai:” “We kick it from time to time. That’s another person who knows he can hit me out the blue anytime to jump on something. And we ain’t discussing no paper. We’re beyond that. It’s not even a thing like, I did one for you, you gotta do one for me now. I’m not like that, but I did want his presence on this particular project. I don’t think me and Sai’ ever made a bad collaboration together: ‘Letter P,’ ‘Dirty Biz,’ ‘Mechanical Animals,’ and now ‘Running.'”