One MC Seamlessly Flips 27 Different Rap Styles In 8 Minutes (Video)

Mac Lethal makes the art of rapping seem quite fun. A onetime Rhymesayers member, the Kansas City, Missouri lyricist has worked with Tech N9ne, Chamillionaire, Cunninlynguists and others throughout a career that’s nearly 20 years deep.

Quite often, Mac finds the humor and challenge in Rap, without compromising his supreme ability. He did this back in 2011 when he created a rhyme that explained all of Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused in just two minutes. He also went viral making pancakes while rapidly rapping a breakfast-themed take on Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” that very same year. Major labels have taken interest in this highly skilled, deeply creative MC. However, Lethal is committed to doing things his way.

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That’s certainly the case this weekend. According to Mac, he indulged in a bit too much wine, flipped on the video recorder, and executed a new concept. This time, Mac Lethal attempted 27 different styles of Rap. He starts out with “old school,” working the last ’70s flow, and moves into “boom-bap.” As the concept progresses, Mac addresses “Hyphy,” “Bay Area Mobb Music,” “Midwest Chopping,” “G-Funk,” “NYC Jazz Rap,” “Crunk,” and more. He slides in a few novelty impressions as well, from a periods of Eminem, Kanye West, and Pharrell’s careers. At less than eight minutes, this is airtight execution.

As a note, all the beats are produced by Michael “Seven” Summers. He has been a longtime collaborator of Mac’s, in addition to famed work with Tech and the Strange Music cam and X.V.

#BonusBeat: Mac’s “Amazing Tongue Twister Rap,” which ran through the alphabet:

He did this alphabet exercise in 2014.