Nocando Goes On A Rap Rampage. He Honors A Freestyle Legend Along The Way (Video)

Throughout the 2010s, Nocando has been one of the most interesting MCs making noise in the West Coast independent Hip-Hop scene. Claiming to have won more than 100 battles, this MC was mentored by members of the Freestyle Fellowship and Project Blowed. However, the Los Angeles, California native is well incredibly adapted to cohesive album making too. His recently released Severed includes video single, “Mykraphone Myk.”

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The song’s spelling and title salute F.F.’s Myka 9 (who appears in the video, and raps a capella at the end). Seemingly, Nocando compares himself to Underground Hip-Hop legend. The chorus says it all: “Say what y’all say, I just don’t mind / Haters gon’ hate, biters gon’ bite /Every single day, I tried my whole life / To be a legend in my right, Mykraphone Myk.” The verses trace the journey the MC has faced throughout his career, and the anger he feels to an un-leveled playing field. Indicative of 9’s career, skills do not always pay the bills as much as they should.

In the late night hours, venting before the camera, this wordsmith wants that to change, now. He puts his soul into a song, with some of his realest song-making to date.

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#BonusBeat: Stream the entire Severed album:

It features Aceyalone and Slug of Atmosphere too.