A News Traffic Report Gives Up The Goods For Prodigy In An Amazing Tribute (Video)

Family, friends and fans of legendary Hip-Hop veteran Prodigy are all mourning his death in their own ways. One of the more unique tributes came from an unlikely source — a pair of Atlanta news anchors, who referenced P’s music and quoted some of his lyrics throughout their traffic report yesterday morning.

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WSB-TV anchorman Fred Blankenship got the segment started by introducing partner-in-rhyme Mark Arum as the station’s “traffic prodigy.” Arum then proceeded to paraphrase the line “last name was English and the first name Olde” from Mobb Deep’s “Drink Away the Pain (Situations).”

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The infamous duo, who have earned a reputation for working Rap lyrics into their reports, continued to drop nods to the Queensbridge MC. Some were glaring, like Blankenship’s claims that traffic on the I-20 was “mob deep,” while there were nothing but “some shook ones” on the I-75. Arum’s second “Drink Away the Pain” quote was a little slicker, insinuating that the highway was relatively clear despite “a lot of folks pushing Lexuses, wearing fat diamond rings.” He also referenced “Shook Ones Pt. II” twice more, affirming that drivers would be “all alone in these streets, cousin” and reminding work commuters that there are “numerous ways you can choose to earn funds.”

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It should be noted, however, that Mobb Deep cofounder Havoc was actually responsible for some of the quotes used by the anchors. It was Hav’ who scripted the lines “six blocks and you might not make it through” on “Right Back at You” (also referenced at the end of the video) and “I’ll be on the block hustlin’, countin’ my stacks,” as well as “wild on the streets, I try to maintain,” from “Survival of the Fittest.” We won’t hold it against the newsmen, though, in light of such an overall dope tribute.

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Incidentally, speaking of Havoc and traffic, the rapper/producer shared the heartbreaking details of how he learned that his group mate had passed, while behind the wheel, with TMZ earlier today: “I’m driving with my little five-year-old son that just graduated from kindergarten, on our way to go eat somewhere,” he recalled. “I’m on the highway. I can’t pull over. I can’t do nothin’. I could’ve crashed with my kids in the car!”

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Havoc and all of Prodigy’s friends and family, as well as the entire Hip-Hop community.

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