MC Bravado Raps Stories Passed Down From Father To Father (Video)

New York City area native MC Bravado may have come up as a battle rapper, but he’s been getting a reputation for his imaginative concepts. For example, in 2014, the rapper put out an EP titled Walk the Line that detailed the life of Johnny Cash. This Father’s Day, we at AFH have decided to share a more personal biographical track off his 2017 LP, Hip-Hop*, which hits much closer to home.

Bravado has been working in Baltimore, Maryland as a high school teacher, but on “Dead Man’s Dream” he drops a different kind of knowledge. With genuine emotion, the song explores the legacy of his late grandfather through the MC’s dad’s eyes. Featuring his father in the video, and apparently even his guitar on the track, the song not only shares some family history, but also aims to analyze generational connections and ancestral bonds.

Edited by Cre8ive Mix Media, the touching video was shot and directed by Mike Jon and Andrew Bryan.

Hip Hop* dropped in March and features Nitty Scott MC, various members of The Brown Bag AllStars and Outsidaz’ Pacewon, among others.

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#BonusBeat: Check out “(Im)personal S**t” featuring Pacewon and Militant Marxmen, another track off the album.

This released this spring.