Regina King Aims To Make Dana Dane’s “Cinderfella” Into A Film

Veteran Brooklyn, New York MC Dana Dane is revered as one of Hip-Hop’s pioneering storytellers. Along with Slick Rick, Ice-T, Kool G Rap, Dane represented a mid-1980s crop of MCs who used their words to create expanded narratives that grabbed listeners. A member of the Kangol Crew, one of Dana McLeese’s most beloved songs was a modern adaptation of Cinderella. “Cinderfella Dana Dane” switched the fairy tale from a female protagonist to a male: Dana. He sought a princess, and used magic to produce fresh gear and respect from heckling step brothers.

Produced by Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor, the Brick-sampling single was a centerpiece within 1987’s Dana Dane With Fame release on Profile Records.

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It appears that veteran actress Regina King aims to make Dane’s take on the age old archetype. The actress from 227, Boondocks, Southland, and The Leftovers is presently shopping a script to studios, with the MC who made the song famous. TMZ first reported the story.

“Cinderfella Dana Dane” was covered by Snoop Dogg on his No Limit Top Dogg album. Less than one month earlier, Death Row Records, intending to block their former label star, released their own video version (under Y.G.D. The Top Dogg), that positioned Suge Knight in the “Fairy Godfather” role, providing gifts (including his own personal vehicle) to the Rap hopeful.

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Today, Dana Dane features in a number of video series with Unique Access Entertainment. Notably, he spoke last year about peer Slick Rick’s The Great Adventures of Slick Rick being his favorite Hip-Hop album:

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The two storytellers would work together on songs like “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy” later in their careers.