Wu-Tang Clan Pay Respects To Prodigy & Vow To Preserve His Legacy (Video)

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In the early 1990s, Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang Clan were symbolic brothers in arms for rugged Hip-Hop music and attitudes. Eventually, Loud Records label-mates, the two New York City Rap collectives began collaborating at a time when both crews were mostly keeping things in-house. Raekwon and Ghostface Killah would appear on 1995’s The Infamous album, while Havoc would produce for Method Man’s Tical 2000: Judgement Day #1 sophomore. By 2000s and 2010s, that bond only grew in and out of music.

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Speaking with Montreality, the Clan expresses their loss, following Albert “Prodigy” Johnson’s death on June 20. RZA professes, “We love Prodigy, all of us. Prodigy’s worked with all of us in different capacities. We lost a true legend of Hip-Hop, a true MC, and we all feel that loss. We feel that loss—all of us feel that loss.” Ghostface Killah states, “That’s my brother right there,” before RZA continues, “I remember driving in the van, and the Mobb Deep tape came out. Ol’ Dirty [Bastard] had it [playing]. Wu-Tang was the most bong-bong [at the time]. Dirty was like, ‘Yo, these young boys right here is on fire!’ I think Havoc and Prodigy both were advanced beyond their years. Some MCs don’t get good until they’re 25 or something, but at 19, the kid was already nice! Rest in peace.” Raekwon says, “Me and Prodigy had a relationship for over 20-something years. I remember doing ‘Eye For An Eye’ in Queensbridge, just being there with him. We shared many moments just getting up in the booth, versin’. He had a good ear for beats; I always told him that his ear for beats was golden. That’s my family right there. So I just want to send the condolences out to his loved ones, to his immediate family. We gon’ hold his legacy down.” Rae’ also called P a “brother.” U-God recalls playing paintball with the Mobb co-founder and said he toured with the duo.

Later in the short segment, RZA states that he is a fan of fellow New Yorker A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. As the Clansmen discuss younger artists they favor, RZA asks, “What is ‘Mumble Rap’? Who made that title? I bet you the guys who’s doin’ it, they don’t call it ‘Mumble Rap.’ That’s what the media calls it. Nahmean? So let them make their music and have fun and do their thing. But to anybody out there that’s sippin’ on that syrup that’s makin’ you rumble, leave the syrup alone.” Ghost’ laughs along, adding, “Ni**as sip that syrup, [the music] just comes out [as] hits!”

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This month, Raekwon and Prodigy appeared together in AZ’s music video for “Save Them.”

#BonusBeat: The aforementioned “Eye For An Eye (Your Beef Is Mine)”:

“Right Back At You” on the same album also featured Ghost’ and Rae’.