3D Na’Tee Might Have Outrapped JAY-Z On His Own Song & She Drops Knowledge Too (Audio)

“The Story of O.J.” continues to prove to be a source of inspiration for artists. The JAY-Z record with some of 2017’s most compelling visual accompaniment is one of 4:44‘s standout tracks, and has already inspired Detroit rapper Page Kennedy’s pen. On the original version, the song is akin to Mos Def’s “Mr. N*gga,” or Kendrick Lamar’s “Wesley’s Theory,” records analyzing the intersection of fame, wealth, and Blackness. Racism, colorism, self-determination and self-loathing are all tenets of Jigga’s version, but perhaps the biggest takeaways are financially related, including the oft-quoted lyric “You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit.”

New Orleans MC 3D Na’Tee has not only flipped “The Story of O.J.,” but she has also made JAY-Z the subject of some of her sharpest darts:

“I too was holding money to my earlobe / Thinkin’ I was rich because it couldn’t fit in a billfold / Heart was as hard as steel-toe, trappin’ until all the pills sold / Wanted to be like Rudy but had nobody to play Bill role / Damn, can I preach?/Curriculum teachers teach is how to live check-to-check, prosperity outta reach / Old-school buildings with brand-new O.P.P./That’s the jail in New Orleans, for those livin’ in O.T. / See, it was ‘Big Pimpin’,’ ‘Money Ain’t a Thing,’ made you run out get your Rocawear, Cristal for you to drink / Ni**a think, that shows the progression of all our idols/But sadly, we wait for ni**as to rap it, then it’s Bible.”

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As she states in the song’s intro, her message is for those “trying to impress people that won’t really f*ck with you either way.” For those who’ve been following her career, she’s been a lyrical powerhouse since 2012’s The Coronation and her most recent project and debut solo LP, 2016’s The Regime. Like Rapsody, 3D Na’Tee frequently applies images of royalty to her titles and is arguably a reigning talent whose name goes unmentioned far too often. For those not yet familiar, her “OJ T.Mix” serves as an exemplary introduction, though not because she is taking on a song by a male MC. Rather, as any gifted MC is wont to do, she has taken an established hit and restructured its trajectory – much like Royce 5’9 did recently on his Bar Exam 4 mixtape.

Taking to SoundCloud, 3D Na’Tee tells fans that her Jigga flip is par for her course recently: “Every week I choose a track to remix that you all suggest in my Youtube comments and if I choose a track that you suggested, I’ll shout you out in the video! This week’s T.Mix is of Jay Z’s Story of OJ, which is also one of my favorite songs on his new album,” she writes. She also provides a link to footage of the song’s recording sessions.