Snoop Dogg & Count Bass D Team To Relieve Stress In The Smoothest Way Possible (Audio)

In the mid-1990s, Count Bass D and Snoop Dogg were both piloting exciting careers in Hip-Hop that were built to last. While Snoop was a multi-platinum Dr. Dre-cosigned lyricist for Death Row Records, the Count was playing a multitude of instruments, fusing Jazz with Rap. By the 2000s, the traveling MC/producer (born in the Bronx, raised in Ohio, and educated in Tennessee) was running with DOOM, MF Grimm, 7L & Esoteric, and Vitamin C. Snoop was busy in a whole other universe, rockin’ out with Pharrell, 50 Cent, and Puff Daddy.

In 1995, a Count Bass D and Snoop Dogg collaboration would have sounded like a reach, in a world of label politics and a fragmented genre. In 2017, “Too Much Pressure” proves that now is the right time for these multi-talents. The song is a stress release. Count appears to take the beat with some underwater Funk, while Snoop masters the chorus. Each man soulfully speaks about taking care of ourselves, and one another in these often troubling times.

Count Bass D is Back and You Need To Know (Audio)

This self-released single is standalone. Last year, Dwight released his Instantly New album.

#BonusBeat: Based on some social media posts, this is way more than a phoned-in collabo’.

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This video was from late May.