Nanna.B & Odd Future’s Hodgy Make A Golden Video About Protecting One’s Treasures

Los Angeles, California (by way of Denmark) songstress Nanna.B is not an MC, but she is attracting Hip-Hop artists to her soulful ceremony. She is gearing up to release the EP, Golden this Friday (July 21). On the title track, Nanna is produced by none other than Aftermath’s Anderson .Paak, and given two feature verses from Odd Future’s Hodgy.

Shot in the sand dunes of California, “Golden” is a trippy journey through the desert. The OFWGKTA MC kicks things off with a fast rap about being seduced by a woman’s beauty. In the video, he gathers a tape that leads him forward through the hills. In actuality, what he’s tugging on is part of Nanna.B’s wardrobe, eventually bringing the musical pair together. She smoothly sings the chorus, about providing a partner a gift. The beat has accents to match her light vocal. Golden images are featured. By the second chorus, Hodgy Beats joins in and has some balanced interplay with Nanna.B’s singing. Paak, a drummer, shows his knack for percussion in the song’s driving beat.

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To the concept, Nanna.B explains in a press statement: “The ‘Golden’ video is filmed on the planet Au, located in a neighboring galaxy, which is a place of higher frequencies I sometimes visit in my dreams. Remember that suitcase with the golden light in Pulp Fiction? Yeah, that’s what this song is about. Protecting your treasures.”

In 2012, she released her debut album, Vitaphone.

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