Rapsody Puts Pain To Words On A Knocking Nottz Beat (Audio)

North Carolina MC Rapsody has cemented a reputation for being equally as thoughtful as she is skillful on the mic. Her latest single “The Pain” is no exception. On it, Rap’ spits reflective bars about some of the pains associated with being Black in America, from various perspectives (women, men, children and parents), and the effect they can have on familial relationships. “I know the pain, frustration, all the lies, deceit, the love of watching a mother beat a child in the street, oh the pain of it,” she says. The verses also address interracial relationships, and a generational divide that’s getting in the way of harmony, showcasing her unique, intricate flow.

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The track’s ominous beat is produced by past collaborator Nottz, who is also part of the Jamla family, by way of the Soul Council production team. Last month, Nottz and bluesy singer Shateish dropped a single that also featured Rapsody, ironically titled “Hurt Away.”

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“The Pain” is said to be the first of three Rapsody songs on July Fridays. She is rocking out at this year’s Made in America Festival.