In 1995, Redman Reloaded Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya?” With A Machine Gun Funk Freestyle (Audio)

At least once a week, heralded British DJ Tim Westwood opens up his vaults and shares goodies from his 30 years in the Hip-Hop game. Today’s (July 27), it’s a time travel back to 1995. The Notorious B.I.G. had just released “Who Shot Ya?” a B-side single that even apart from its controversy, was one of Biggie Smalls’ shining moments. A pre-release mixtape version of the joint even featured Def Squad’s Keith Murray.

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Redman flexed on the Puff Daddy & Nashiem Myrick production for Westwood. Red, who knew Biggie well (and paid his respects on Born Again), goes on for more than five minutes of Funk-drenched flows. Heads can hear elements of Red’s Whut? Thee Album style and flow, with glimpses of where he would take it one year later on Muddy Waters. The battle-rapper from five years earlier symbolically pounds his chest as he backs down all other MCs. Funk Doc is unafraid of the gun talk, perhaps paying attention to the beat’s original lyricist and title. Interestingly, Red’ shouts out Tha Dogg Pound too, who he’d later work with.

With brief pauses in between, Red’ tries on several different flows over the David Porter sample. “F*ck tracks up the ass / Make beats walk knock-kneed / It’s the funk dwella in ya cella / No one’s wetter / Pull more Playboy b*tches than Hugh Hefner / I played you / With my nasal / Style, I’m able / To rock two turntables / For old sake, like Sweet Sable,” kicks the Brick City MC. He adds that K-Solo and Illegal’s Jamal could beat anybody in a battle, while continuously bigging up Keith Murray, Def Squad, and the HOT 97 station that broadcast this. It’s not all about bragging either, as Red’ reminds all that not so long ago, he was collecting shopping carts in the parking lots of Shop Rite. Redman touts “We run New Jers,” in his best KRS-One impersonation, and he damn sure shows and proves.

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Earlier this week, Red’s Gilla House artist released a new mix to his “Hate Runs Deep” single:

This video is part of Ambrosia For Heads‘ “Now You See Me” series.