Royce 5’9 & Kid Vishis Show Savage Lyricism Runs In The Family As They Go Off (Audio)

Pusha T and NoMalice. Kurupt and Scoe. Pete Rock and Grap Luva. E-40 and D-Shot. Dr. Dre and Warren G. Chance The Rapper and Taylor Bennet. Across the Hip-Hop landscape, there are many rapping brothers. Some have worked together in groups, like The Click or The Clipse. Others work together at more of a distance, picking their spots.

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More than a decade into his career, Kid Vishis releases “Go Off” with big bro’. The single lives up to its name, with the Montgomery Gang stomping out the mic. Vishis raps: “I get such a rush / Provin’ y’all can’t f*ck with us / The movement is losin’, I think it’s time to pucker up.” These bars are cocky, confident, and come correct. In his verse Nickel spits: “My competition is wack / How could you race and make a run for the money / When you actually come from the money? / Lyrical silver-spooners / My ni**as really soldiers, y’all ni**as is Ricky Shroeder.” Following last month’s exceptional Bar Exam 4 mixtape, Royce shows no signs of slowing.

This Foulmouth-produced single is from The Purge, an album releasing July 14 on 22 Entertainment.