This MC Actually Impressed Kendrick Lamar With His Freestyle Skills (Video)

Nine years ago, Kendrick Lamar was handed the mic from Charles Hamilton at an industry event. Before the world knew just how “overly dedicated” he was, the Compton, California MC went off, using the moment to his advantage. As a relatively unknown rapper looking to make a way and a name for himself, he had to bust. That was 2008. In 2017, Kendrick Lamar contends to be the biggest artist in Hip-Hop. He’s enjoying his third #1 album, first #1 single, and his “ELEMENT.” video has everybody talking.

On Power 106’s The Cruz Show, Kendrick was introduced to MC Harry Mack. A friend to the station, the freestyle phenom has performed at events and showed off his bars to Joey Bada$$. Cruz and company invite Mack to sit down next to K-Dot, and encourage the TDE star to give the unsigned artist some words. Kendrick appears polite, but not overly enthused. Then the beat kicks in, which happens to be Mobb Deep’s “Survival Of The Fittest.” At Sunday’s BET Awards, Lamar told Havoc, Lil’ Kim, and the millions watching how much Prodigy and Mobb means to him. The stakes possibly raise. Harry begins (and ends) by saluting Prodigy and the M-O-B-B. The nervous MC who sat down and showed his awestruck quickly finds the pocket.

Eminem & Kendrick Lamar Pay Their Respects To Prodigy By Spitting His Bars (Audio)

Then Matt starts spitting, show a “liquid” flow, nimble wordplay, and smooth cadence. Kendrick participates, throwing out words like “$100,” “water,” “pen,” and “belt.” With each word and object, Matt rallies. He can make sense with words, more than just putting rhymes together. Kendrick’s delight and respect lights up his face. When the beat ends, it is King Kunta that eagerly slaps hands with Harry.

#BonusBeat: Harry Mack making a similar impression on Joey Bada$$ in March:

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