Tupac & E-40’s 1st Collabo Still Leaves Lesser MCs Dusted & Disgusted (Video)

E-40’s 1995 sophomore solo LP In A Major Way might be remembered most for “Sprinkle Me” (featuring fellow The Click member Suga-T), but lesser-known single “Dusted ‘N’ Disgusted” also stands the test of time. Featuring Tupac – who dropped Me Against the World the very same week, that March – Mac Mall, and Spice 1, it was a record about loyalty to one’s own, regardless of the dirt they may have done. In A Major Way and Me Against The World would go platinum, likely the source of great mutual admiration between the two friends. They had long since been down, thanks to Shakur’s 1988 move to Marin City, California, just a few miles from 40’s native Vallejo.

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Heads may recall that ‘Pac is noticeably missing from the “Dusted” music video, in a way replaced by Sick Wid It Records’ own Celly Cel. Sporting a “Free 2Pac” T-shirt, Cel was showing love for a friend locked up. At the time, Shakur was jailed for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, a crime for which he steadfastly proclaimed innocence. In many ways, Pac’s absence from the video and his friends’ deliberate decision to include him anyway elevated the song’s message even higher (as 40 raps, “Some cold-hearted sh*t / Back to f*ckin’ work, one of the homies just got dusted / What y’all wanna do, what y’all wanna do? / Cold-hearted b*tches…“).

It’s the song’s album, not video, version that features Shakur, and his verse is quintessentially ‘Pac. Opening with “Dear God, can you forgive me? My future’s lookin’ sick / I’m in my rag hittin switches I’m suspicious of these b*tches / I keep on, calllin’, but ain’t nobody pickin’ up / I think she’s stallin’, this evil b*tch is tryna set me up,” it’s pretty evident he was inspired by his legal troubles at the time.

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Tupac Shakur would die fewer than three years later, leaving millions devastated. Before that day, Pac welcomed The Click’s E-40, B-Legit, and D-Shot to his All Eyez On Me. Sacramento’s C-Bo and early Pac mentor, 415’s Richie Rich landed with The Click on “Ain’t Hard 2 Find.” That song was co-produced by Mike Mosley, the same man responsible for “Dusted ‘N’ Disgusted.” One of those is his dear friend E-40, who earlier this year spoke about the late rapper and his plans for a posthumous album.

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#BonusBeat: Some rare “home video” Camcorder footage of 40 Water and P-A-C kickin’ it in the ’90s:

Pac’s vocal on “Million Dollar Spot” with 40 and B-Legit would release a month following his death.