Rhyme Pays. Ice-T Offers Rare Access To His High Roller Lifestyle (Video)

Ice-T’s album-making career began 30 years ago with Rhyme Pays. Even ahead of his Rap fame, Tracy Morrow had accumulated symbols of wealth from his days in the streets of Los Angeles, California. Those accounts of jewelry store heists and hustlin’ gave Ice-T a spectrum of experiences to pull from in making his music. By the mid-1990s, Ice transitioned from major label Rap star to a full-on actor of television and film. He’s enjoyed the fruits of that busy career ever since. However, even when it’s not likely a major affect on his income, The “Original Gangsta” can’t leave Rap alone. He’s continued to make albums, tour, release incredible documentaries and work with Body Count and S.M.G.

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Veteran author, publicist and pioneering Def Jam exec Bill Adler has a Mass Appeal series, “Too Old To Die Young.” Ice-T is his latest subject. While reflecting on his journey and perspectives today, he displays his family, toys, and also spits some game. From the cars, pools, elevators, framed plaques in Ice’s New Jersey crib to his wife Coco’s own shoe lair, the O.G. has clearly done well. Still, he revisits a journey that was not handed to him, or easy. T discusses Body Count’s “Cop Killer” (as he seemingly always does), but he puts a new light on it: “If you believe I kill cops, you also believe David Bowie’s an astronaut. We play characters,” Ice says, suggesting that Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (and other lyrics) were never taken as literally as those of Body Count. Besides controversy, Ice proclaims that his life is happy, filled with doing the things he wishes to do. After label woes, governmental profiling, and so many losses throughout his life, Ice-T appears to live a dream. There’s also b-roll footage from his famed ’16 insurance ads.

Earlier this year, Body Count released Bloodlust.

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For Heads who enjoy this kind of rare access, Ill Badler’s (his old Def Jam nickname) T.O.T.D.Y. episode with Russell Simmons:

This aired in March.