ManKind Shows That It Is A Rap Collective Aiming To Be Different (Video)

Harlem, New York duo ManKind is a prime example of men that spit verses with a purpose. From the New Rap Order Collective, ManKind’s !LLumiN@te and SciryL thrive to project their art in a way that does not lack luster or meaning. While collaborating with over 50 artists since November of 2015, ManKind has released multiple projects, including 8-Bit Genesis produced by fellow Harlem native Charles Hamilton.

ManKind recently released their tenth project named Juneteenth (1820- 1920) (the prequel to their three-part Black History series project) to observe the day of freedom in American history. Although many African Americans shared the same pain and hardships in the South, this album is a remembrance of the controversial issues and experiences that were faced in the state of Texas during 1820-1920.

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Stand out single and new music video “Spiced Redrum” examines the spirit behind the rebellion of slaves. The visual gives you the sense of watching rebels at night protecting their territory yet having fun at the same time. Produced by Chicago’s The Deity Complex, the track starts with Spoken Word poetry from writer and visual artist Gia Shakur. Within seconds the beat drops with a hypnotizing sample and an infectious break-beat that could have the listeners rocking their heads back and forth.

ManKind did not take any shorts while preparing the lyrical content for “Spiced Redrum.” !LLumiN@te blesses the track by saying, “Behold the contrarian will / It cuts deep like Valerian Steele / We in the house like Marion Hill / Black Power make an Aryan yield / Ask yourself / How scary it feels/ It’s not a dream that you’re having you know / You sowed seeds of discontent / Then grieve when the casualties grow / This is my death squad cavalry flow/ We coordinated/ Sitting in position to flank your formation.”

When SciryL takes over the mic, it’s far from half-stepping. He begins his verse with, “By the blood of a pig/ Cut him up from his gut to his ribs / Ni**a on a horse puffing his cig’ / B.I.G. ‘Machine Gun Funk’ / Cig machine gun pump / These dumb f*cks are finna bleed / Big victory / This is Mr. T rocking jewels / Chewing khat / Sippin’ tea / Mixed with Spiced Redrum / It’s the blood lust symphony / Gun bust infantry / Clap back in the jeans.”

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