Taliwhoah Is The UK’s Latest Musical Export. She’s Going Worldwide (Video)

Rostrum Records’ Taliwhoah has been releasing music for over two years now. Yet, her latest single and music video “Details” has gained a vast amount of attention for her to possibly become a recognized artist in the industry. The London-born and Los Angles-based singer and songwriter had an authentic introduction to the art of music since her mother and aunt were members of a European group named Boney M.

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With an unorthodox style in the same chamber as SZA, Kehlani, and Bibi Bourelly, her sound is self-described as mellow dramatic artistry infused with R&B, Jazz, and Reggae. From her forthcoming full-length debut New Wave Order, the video single “Details” is a soulful, relax, and sensuous ballad that displays many levels creativity including the production where R&B, Electronica, and Dancehall comes together and becomes one. The track encourages the listener to take notice of the details because this will reveal the little elements that would bring vibrancy and light to the dark.

Directed by 411 and produced by Eddie Fiasco and Global Before Local, the visual for “Details” takes the viewer on a wilderness expedition in Seattle, Washington with scenes that would be hidden to the naked eye. The compelling angles and polished camera movements give the onlookers a reason to focus attention on the minor details that may go unnoticed.

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