The Breakfast Club Responds To Threats Of Boycott Due To A Guest’s Words (Audio)

On Friday (July 28), comedian/actor Lil Duval was a guest on The Breakfast Club. The interview has since become controversial, with some calling for a boycott of the syndicated Power 105 morning show following remarks made by the Jacksonville, Florida native guest.

During the interview, DJ Envy asked Lil Duval, “Say you met a girl, and she didn’t tell you she was a transgendered [person],” The Grow House actor interrupted, “That ain’t a girl, that’s a boy. I met a boy.”  Envy continued with his hypothetical that the transgendered person informs Duval after months of dating and sex that she was born a man. “We’re not havin’ sex!,” Duval charged. “This might sound messed up, but I don’t care. She [is] dying. I can’t deal with that. Nah. I can’t do that! Nah, dog. You manipulated me [into] believing this thing. In my mind…I can’t…I’m gay [because of our sexual encounter]. I’m gay!”

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Later in the Friday chat, Duval stated, “There should be some type of repercussions for that, if you do that to somebody. Something. Until then, I’ma have own repercussion.” To Duval’s comments moments earlier, Charlamagne Tha God told his guest, “You can’t go around killin’ transgendered folks,” and suggested it would be classified as a hate crime. Duval reacted strongly to the correction. “I’m not gonna kill trans—see, I didn’t say that. Here you go tryin’ to flip my words. I didn’t say I was gonna kill transgenders. I said, ‘if somebody did that to me, and they didn’t tell me, I’ma be so mad that I’m probably gonna want to kill them.'” Charlamagne also informed his guest of Janet Mock, a transgender person and activist. The host/author called her “a beautiful person,” in explaining who she was to a previously unaware Duval.

In response to Duval’s marks, the show reacted this week. They included clips from Friday’s controversial segment.

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DJ Envy began, “People were mad at The Breakfast Club. [Some] said we shouldn’t have allowed him to say that and are boycotting The Breakfast Club.” Charlamagne took over: “Well, here’s the thing: if you actually listen to the interview, instead of listening to the manipulated clip that people have been circulating [online], you specifically heard us tell him that you can’t do that. Absolutely…It’s a hate crime…I specifically said ‘you can’t go around killing transgenders!’, I said that verbatim!”

The veteran radio personality later expounded, “You know what I don’t like? I don’t like people trying to hold me accountable for the words of another man. I’m tellin’ you right now: I’m not apologizing for the words of Lil Duval.” The show touts that during their interview, their line of questioning caused Lil Duval to clarify his remarks on the basis of how improper they were. “We didn’t say those comments and we didn’t agree with them,” said Angela Yee. Charlamagne added, “If we’re taking accountability for the things our guests say, then we don’t need to have any guests.”

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In the posted clip, the show took calls from listeners, including members of the LGBTQ community. Those calls were largely in support of the show and its hosts’ handling of the interview.