Chris Rivers Wants To Bring Hip-Hop Back To The Days Of Nas, Pac & Biggie (Video)

When Chris Rivers named his latest project Delorean, he had time traveling on his mind. New video single “Old Thing Back” is an extension of that idea. The Bronx, New Yorker spits about bringing back a brand of Hip-Hop as he remembers it from his love affair. He pays homage to Common’s 1994 single “I Used To Love H.E.R.” in his own love affair with Hip-Hop. He uses the same opening line in a verse that salutes De La Soul, JAY-Z, Outkast, Bell Biv DeVoe, and The Pharcyde, all seamlessly and cleverly.

I met this girl when I was six years old / The thing I loved most, she had De La Soul and spirit / Knowing the difference between h*es and women / Flow so different, had bae once like Hov go near her / She kept on passing me by, that girl is poison / Became a thorn in my side, I guess it’s roses / What you think yo’ sh*t smell like, I ain’t no outcast / But I couldn’t outlast, so the sh*t went south fast,” he raps in metaphor.

Chris Rivers, Styles P, Sheek Louch & Lil Fame Unite On A Track & It’s Far From Fair (Audio)

That is merely the beginning. Rivers weaves out a full tale in a colorful visual, shot in the very backyard where Hip-Hop was born 44 years ago.

Lydia Caesar sings the smooth hook on this one. Delorean features Styles P, Lil Fame, Sheek Louch, and others.

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