JAY-Z Performs Family Feud With A Choir & Restores The Harmony (Video)

JAY-Z recently told BBC’s Live Lounge, “I’ve always tried to push the envelope as an artist, and make new things, and try to make things that’s an elevated version of what I’ve done…I have to be happy with it before I let it go.”

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That’s abundantly true of his performance of the deeply personal “Family Feud.” Backed by a live choir, Jay uses the sweet harmonies to kick lines about coming up in the world, stacking paper, and influencing the Hip-Hop massive, boardrooms, and beyond. He opens his portfolio and keeps the soul alive in subject matter and this choral presentation. Young Guru DJs alongside the singers.

In the interview, he connects 4:44 to his first album’s contents in ’96. Overall, he speaks about his current stride, “I like to do things that are honest and meaningful. If we’re not, then why are we doing it? Just edit. Edit your life.”

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Along the theme, Jay is asked about how he spends his free time. “Family, friends, music, and a lot of food.” He says that he enjoys Game Of Thrones. Elsewhere in the interview, Hov addresses his support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and weighs in on the current US leader, beginning, “with all disrespect.”

Shawn Carter has always done it big. In 2017, he somehow finds ways to do it even better.

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#BonusBeat: This TBD video examines Jay’s “blueprint” for grown-man Rap:

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