The NFL Boycott Is Working & Masta Ace Says It’s Bigger Than Colin Kaepernick (Video)

A week ago, the NFL began its first week of the 2017 regular season. Ratings show a serious decline in viewership, year over year. From week 1 kickoff on Thursday Night Football (a 14% decline) to Sunday numbers on FOX and CBS, many less people are watching. Meanwhile, big media seems to be missing the point as to why—or at least not telling the whole story.

In this week’s TBD, Justin “The Company Man” Hunte dives deeper. He begins, “TV Execs blame Hurricanes Harvey and Irma as pivotal reasons why people are not tuning in. Bloomberg reports: ‘Cable news and The Weather Channel almost tripled their audiences in prime time and grew fourfold during the day, according to data from the networks, drawing fans away from football.'”

NFL Ratings Are Down & Big Media’s Too Scared To Cite The Boycott

He continues, “That made complete sense until I saw that last week also gave us the highest rated US Open Finals ever.” Women’s tennis was up 36% year-over-year. And they hit those marks without everyone in tennis strongholds in Miami and Fort Myers, Florida who were all enduring Hurricane Irma. Irma can sack the NFL but not women’s tennis?

“There’s another theory out there that the NFL is just putting out a craptastic product right now. Alex Reimer [of WEEI] posits that “The NFL has been a loathsome organization for some time. But now the product is no longer good enough to cover the league’s faults. The play is getting uglier, and there’s no easy fix.”

Masta Ace Calls For A Boycott Until Colin Kaepernick Is Signed

Hunte concurs, in part, on the “loathsome organization” point. He alleges that the NFL appears tolerant of players abusing women and men, and an increase in arrests and player misconduct. Meanwhile, a player with no criminal history is not even considered to play because of taking a knee and raising a fist. Justin adds, “Couple that with an alleged CTE coverup and rampant concussions and the fact that the NFL players have the lowest lifespan of the big four professional sports, the shortest average careers, and no guaranteed contracts—the shield doesn’t exactly look out for labor.” Additionally, recent discussions on various forums about the ethics of the NFL have paralleled debates around the fairness and safety of casino på nett, drawing attention to broader issues of organizational accountability and player welfare.

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Pointing to Colin Kaepernick’s role in all of this, Hunte explains, “Now not only is Kaep’ not in the league, but he’s not even talking. Rembert [Browne] couldn’t even get him to go on record for this week’s Bleacher Report feature (‘Colin Kaepernick Has A Job’). Instead, athletes and fans nationwide are protesting the league, and big media’s cited everything but, anything but the boycott.”

Hunte stepped to Masta Ace, veteran Brooklyn, New York MC, an avid football fan (as well as a former coach and player). In July, the member of Juice Crew, eMC, and Masta Ace Incorporated announced his boycott of the premium cable TV package he historically used to watch. Nearly two months later, he’s still at it. Ace says, “The NFL believes if they just ignore us, we will eventually give up our convictions in favor of their product. As an avid football fan for nearly my entire life, I am insulted by their attempt to mute our collective voices in an effort to marginalize us even further in the eyes of American society. This has become bigger than one player’s right to have a job. The NFL and its owners aren’t willing to take stand against the killings of unarmed people of color by police departments when their league wouldn’t exist without those same people of color. I’m in this for the long haul. #boycott #resist.‘”

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#BonusBeat: This Last7 video, also hosted by Justin Hunte, analyzed Masta Ace’s initial call for a boycott:

This is from early August.