Andre 3000 Said Big Boi Was The Best In OutKast. He’s Really 1 Of The Best In The South (Video)

Big Boi’s latest single from his Boomiverse album (Epic Records) is just as the title has it: a southern affair.

Bringing together two of Atlanta’s favorite sons, Gucci Mane alongside Big Boi and featuring a prominent sample from the Underground King from the Lone Star state, Pimp C.

Big Boi’s Boomiverse was released in June, and has the former Outkast legend exec producing with Organized Noize. The previous single “Mic Jack” featured Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine. Other artist features on the record include Jeezy, Killer Mike and Curren$y.

Big Boi’s “In the South” is a welcome “reunion” for Big Boi and the late MC Pimp C on the hook, one decade after the legendary Underground Kingz/Outkast collab “International Players Anthem.”

That song title might just as well sum up this latest Big Boi release that has the three MCs, produced Atlanta producer Cory Mo, exploring what happens in The  South. The cartoon visual starts out with a fake-announcement from “Country Rap Tunes” radio that sets up the Pimp C hook and Gucci Mane’s retro cool verse.

Big Boi then speeds it up, offering up a classic mix of the flip/serious, expressed in his super-articulated style that has so influenced Kendrick Lamar among others; and demonstrating once again why Andre asserted yesterday that Big Boi was always the better MC of the two in OutKast.

Speaking about the super-stylized visual, Big Boi says that it’s not directly linked to the Hotlanta Waxx series he’s been working on, but that it comes from that “realm.” “Actually, I got the idea from when I was doing the teasers for the songs for Boomiverse,” he says. “Cory Mo, the producer for the song, has an animation team and he sent me a clip of some of the guys’ work and we got on the phone and just came up with this funkadelic psychedelic video concept for ‘In the South.’ It was a cool way to have myself, Pimp C, and Gucci Mane all together,” he says. “I mean with Pimp C (R.I.P.) not being here, it was just a cool fun way to showcase all of us together and imagine what it would look like.”