Jermaine Dupri Describes Biggie Threatening Lil’ Kim At Gunpoint (Video)

NOVEMBER 4 UPDATE: Lil’ Kim has since confirmed Jermaine Dupri’s report, with some additional clarifications.

ORIGINAL OCTOBER 27 STORY: The Notorious B.I.G. and Junior M.A.F.I.A. protege, Lil’ Kim had a complicated relationship. Biggie Smalls groomed Kim in his group offshoot, and had a documented romantic affair, despite the rapper’s marriage to singer and Bad Boy label-mate Faith Evans. As accounts have it, Big and Kim recorded their sex-life on tracks including Ready To Die skit “#!*@ Me” and were not shy about things on Kim’s breakthrough solo single “Crush On You.”

Biggie was notoriously truthful in some of his rhymes. Since his 1997 death, it’s been revealed that “I Got A Story To Tell” documents an affair with the wife of then-New York Knicks Anthony Mason. He referenced events in his Brooklyn borough, and in the Rap landscape.

Appearing on the last episode of Drink Champs, Jermaine Dupri paints a different side of Christopher Wallace. After the 21:30 mark, JD recalls recording Usher’s “Just Like Me” in the mid-1990s. The song, featuring Lil’ Kim and produced by JD, appeared on 1997’s six-times-platinum My Way album.

“So what [Biggie Smalls] did was he wrote the rap for Lil’ Kim…This was the time B.I.G. [as I understand it] f*cked Kim’s sister,” Jermaine Dupri tells N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. “This is in the music though,” he says, repeating the point. In 1994, B.I.G. rapped on “Friend Of Mine”: “She’s saying I dissed her ’cause I’m f*cking her sister/ A message to the fellas, that really gets them pissed.” JD continues, “She found out about it, so she was upset when she came to the studio about this, and he couldn’t really get her to do the rap.”

“Me and Usher was just…we was there, young, watching what was going on and B.I.G. pulled the strap out on her,” Dupri said, referring to a pistol. The So So Def Records founder surmises it was “To just let her know that he was gonna kill her.” While Kim had trouble recording that night, her verse, allegedly penned by B.I.G., did make the LaFace/Arista Records blockbuster.

In 2012, Kim told MTV that on one occasion, Biggie “dragged” her by her coat down a hallway, for speaking to members of Jodeci. She also spoke to Ed Lover’s Power 105 show about the rapper’s history of abuse. She details the MC choking her in an elevator at New York City’s Hit Factory Studios. The couple was later banned based on the violent incident. In that same interview, the Notorious K.I.M. defended that she wrote most of her rhymes.

Near the end of Biggie’s life, it was documented that he was romantically linked to Philadelphia rapper (and Undeas Entertainment artist) Charli Baltimore.