Black Thought Explains How The Roots Are Approaching Their Next Album Differently (Video)

Hip-Hop news and culture move fast, and it’s easy to miss significant developments. Every week, Ambrosia For Heads takes a look back at the LAST 7 days. This video series, hosted by Justin “The Company Man” Hunte examines the current issues with a colorful rundown of the what, where, and why. While the LAST 7 focus is always rooted in and around Hip-Hop, some of the same lifestyle and relevant social events that appear on AFH will be included.

This week, The Roots were all over the Hip-Hop media cycle. Before Black Thought and Method Man went verse-for-verse on Sway with one of the most exciting freestyles of 2017, the Philly band paid homage to Schoolhouse Rock on Blackish. During a chat this week with AFH, Tariq spoke about The Roots’ process in pairing down the reported 263 songs for its 18th project. “This is also the first full-on record that we’re recording from scratch, since the untimely passing of our manager and mentor, Rich Nichols. So it definitely feels different without his input. We got lots of material, and the way the game is set up now, it’s not even as album-driven as it [has been] over the years. I think [now] it’s more about having songs that specifically engage a specific audience in order to have a complete project that feels inclusive.” In July, The Roots and Bilal released “It Ain’t Fair,” a standout single, belonging to the film, Detroit. In August, Questlove declared that his band has until November 1 to pick “a good 14” songs.

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