All Signs Say Eminem’s New Album Is Less Than 3 Weeks Away (Video)

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Eminem burst onto the scene as a Rap prankster who excited the culture through his fearless lyrics and elaborate concepts. Almost 20 years later, that’s still at play as Paul Rosenberg and Eminem appear to have made marketing Em’s new album an “Easter egg” for fans—all while promoting Yelawolf’s new Trial By Fire album. Those who took note of a medical ad in the background of a photo showcasing Yelawolf’s CD, and followed a trail of clues now know that the ad led to the reveal of the title of Em’s ninth solo LP. Revival apparently marks the third in the 2009-2010 Relapse and Recovery tandem. In ’13, Marshall followed up his benchmark, with Marshall Mathers LP2. The Motown MC also made a generous charitable donation after his lawyers won a “Lose Yourself” lawsuit. Also, just yesterday, it was announced that Eminem will be the musical guest on the November 18 episode of SNL and Chance The Rapper will host. Along with Eminem’s culture shifting BET Cypher on October 10 and a cryptic reference to an undisclosed Shady Records release on November 17, all signs are pointing to Em releasing Revival in less than 3 weeks.

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