Kendrick Lamar & Chance The Rapper’s Place On The Forbes List Shows Conscious Rap Pays Off (Video)

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Forbes has released its list of the World’s Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Artists Of 2017, and Chance The Rapper and Kendrick Lamar are numbers 5 and 6, respectively, having earned $33 million and $30 million. They, along with J. Cole (#13) are showing that Conscious Rap actually pays off, too. Last week, Rah Digga’s long-shelved sophomore album Everything Is A Story surfaced online. Digga would only release one major label LP. Despite the success of Dirty Harriet, Busta’s then-protege would seemingly get caught in label restructuring and other setbacks. That LP never saw the light of day. J Dilla, No I.D., Just Blaze, Jake One, DJ Scratch, and Nottz (her partner on 2010’s Classic) all contributed. Heads can now enjoy that LP, as they anticipate new music from the hardcore Jersey MC. Meanwhile, Big K.R.I.T. signaled his third album, and Elon Musk revealed his plans to use rockets for travel on Earth. All that and more on this week’s LAST 7.

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