Oddisee Uses A Simple Video To Show Just How Complex Growing Up Can Be

Oddisee demonstrates just how complex growing pains can be in the animated visual to his The Iceberg record, “You Grew Up.”

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Created by husband and wife illustrators, Eugene & Louise, the music video for “You Grew Up” is kept fairly simple, working to visually tell the various tales of how a handful of crucial, life experiences can have lasting effects on an individual.

From best friends torn apart due to racial turmoil to a taunted school kid-turned-radical, the video for Oddisee’s “You Grew Up” is coming of age compressed into roughly four minutes.

The video concludes with Oddisee providing a glimpse into his own evolution over the years.

“You Grew Up” is one of 12 tracks featured on Oddisee’s The Iceberg album, an LP Ambrosia For Heads named as one of the best of he year, so far.