South Central’s Quincey White Gives New Meaning To Chasing Hollywood Dreams (Video)

Quincey White is an emerging voice within the Los Angeles scene, and he has a lot to say. His latest video single “HOLLYWOOD” is a “metaphor for success.” It is all about achieving status. White, the MC formerly known as DUBB, dropped his EP, The 7, on Sway Calloway & Kelly Jackson’s OverDeliver Entertainment this month.

White is getting a lot of traction for his rhymes that are grounded in his life experience growing up in South Central. His EP’s title The 7 has a double significance. As White recently explained to VIBE, “I was raised on 127th & Broadway in a neighborhood called Athens Park in South Central. And seven is short for the block.” He concludes: “The number seven is a powerful number that represents completeness and perfection.”

White’s “Hollywood,” featuring Jake&Papa, makes references to Snoop Dogg and Tupac and is all about the rapper’s aspirations. Bathed in Californian sunshine, it describes how the young MC dreamed of making it with the major players and meeting this “girl named ‘Success.’”

As a bonus, check out Quincey White’s freestyle on Sway In The Morning (in the video playlist). He comes in around the 3:00 mark, and shows true lyrical prowess.

Photograph by Adewole.

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