Reuben Vincent Is Jamla’s Teenage Prodigy. He Hits His Target On “BB Guns” (Video)

After signing with 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records, Charlotte North Carolina teenager Reuben Vincent released  “Chains On Me,” produced by one the most innovative producers around, Khrysis – another member of the Jamla Records family, Soul Council, and The Away Team.

“Chains On Me” showed off the 15-year-old’s supreme confidence and precocious talent, more than ably supported by the super-elegant and focused Khrysis beat. Now it’s time for the second single, “BB Guns” from his just-released album, Myers Park.

In contrast to the earlier track/visual which had Vincent walking the streets at night, this song on first listen appears to be much lighter, with the MC singing half of it and the video featuring his friends hanging out and suburban scenes of children playing outside.

Despite the appearances and sweet music behind it, Vincent’s verses are pointed, referring to “trying to stay alive” while an unnamed they “just want to see brothers die.” The contrast between the melodic backing track and the sunny visual is unsettling and only intensifies the impact of the lyrics.

Reuben Vincent certainly doesn’t lack drive and determination. And, this strength of character started to show itself young. He’s said how as a pre-teen after realizing basketball wasn’t his “niche” he decided then to concentrate on writing.

His 2014 mixtape IDOL.escent that he put out under the name E$AU ended up getting the attention of Grammy Award-winning producer 9th Wonder and eventually led to him rhyming alongside 9th and Murs on Brighter Daze, which was released in late 2015.

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