CyHi The Prynce Bodies 5 Fingers Of Death. Sway Says He “May Be The Best Rapper Out” (Video)

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UPDATE: Hours after his exceptional Sway In The Morning “5 Fingers Of Death” freestyle (below), CyHi The Prynce’s pre-album campaign continues. The Sony Records artist dropped second No Dope On Sundays single “I’m Fine.” This one features fellow G.O.O.D. Music family member Travis Scott.

The song features heavy organs, Scott handling the Pop-savvy chorus. The message is about coming up, enduring, and smelling life’s roses during complicated times.

Additionally, CyHi dropped his second freestyle in as many days, appearing on Funkmaster Flex’s series.

ORIGINAL NOVEMBER 8 STORY: CyHi The Prynce’s freestyles have been a calling card to a very patient career. On every stage imaginable for the free-form verse, the Atlanta, Georgia MC and G.O.O.D. Music artist has risen to the occasion and left marks on the mic. Hip-Hop Heads have long known that CyHi is a beast with the pen, but he represents a rare balance of proven writing and unique off-the-top skills. Approaching his debut album this month (November 17’s No Dope On Sundays), The Prynce rips 5 Fingers Of Death, so much so that Sway Calloway believes he may wear the crown.

With instrumentals including Royal Flush’s “Iced Down Medallions” and Fat Joe’s “John Blaze,” CyHi seizes the moment with rewind-worthy punchlines such as “Knowin’ the pulse of the street was so vital / We get under the pigs’ skin like we tryin’ to throw a spiral,” “It’s like I played for the Boston Clippers / ‘Cause I done met the plug at so many docks and rivers / How you think it got delivered?” and “Leanin’ on the car door / On the drop Porsch’ / And it’s white on white / That’s why I call it Scott Storch,” he spits, as he wipes his nose.

Sway did not downplay praise, after leaving his seat to dap the MC:

Last week, CyHi shared his Kanye West-assisted single “Dat Side.”

#BonusBeat: CyHi recently spoke with TBD about the roles of ghostwriters in Hip-Hop:

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