DJ Muggs Lays Down One Wild Beat For Meyhem Lauren & Then Directs The Video

DJ Muggs & Meyhem Lauren’s Gems From The Equinox is one of the most exciting Soul Assassins releases in years. The Cypress Hill co-founder and the Outdoorsmen MC linked up for 11 hardcore Hip-Hop tracks about stylin’ on lesser rappers, “Rotten Apple” imagery, and respecting the G-Code.

The album opens with “Camel Crush.” After Muggs has made heralded albums with GZA, Ill Bill, and others, this cut was the one that had to set the tone. Known for his psychedelic sampling during Cypress’ legendary first three albums, Muggs plays with some dusty fuzzed out Rock, letting the drum-and-synth beat erupt. This creates the perfect entrance music for Action Bronson’s right-hand-man. The video is simple and sparse, with a black-and-white late-night ride-around. Muggs also directs the visual.

Glide like a figure skater when I get the data / I’m busy getting paper, catch you ni**as later / We ain’t grow the same so we grew apart / My ni**as getting money so my crew is smart / Uh, street scholars seek dollars / Custom made shirts, I pop unique collars / It’s still Queens for the victory / Complexion hickory, flexing making history / Moving unpredictably, I live under the radar,” spits the Queens MC on a track produced by the legend who first called the same borough home.

Gems From The Equinox features Sean Price, “Bam Bam” Bronson, and B-Real, among others.