Jaden Smith Is Out To Eat Other MCs For Breakfast…Including His Father (Audio)

Since his days as The Fresh Prince, Will Smith’s music career may live in the backseat of his Hollywood accomplishments, but it is the impetus. In five albums with DJ Jazzy Jeff and some solo releases, Will Smith was gifted at making songs for mainstream and youth America while still embracing the culture and genre he loved. While there were critics, especially around the first Grammy win, play “Brand New Funk” or “Summertime” and see how the art stands up today in a circle of Heads.

In the early 2010s, it became clear that DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s kids would be following in their fathers’ footsteps. Jeff has a son on Disney’s Girl Meets World and another as an entertainment industry writer. Two of Will’s children have become public figures through music and acting. Willow has two Roc Nation albums, following her #11 2010 hit “Whip My Hair.” Willow’s older brother Jaden pursued Hip-Hop around the same time. At the top of the decade, he made a series of features with Justin Bieber, before rocking alongside Jhene Aiko, Childish Gambino, and Kid Cudi. He also played a prominent role in The Get Down. Like so many celebrity children, their artistic dreams can be met with skepticism or cynicism. In front of the camera and behind the mic, the Smith children are constantly compared to their accomplished parents.

At 19, Jaden Smith is no longer a kid. This year he fit nicely into Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy. Today (November 17), Jaden drops Syre, his debut album, and first with Roc Nation. It’s been more than three years since the rapper/singer/actor dropped a project. This LP shows Smith at adulthood, and asserting himself as an artist that wants the crown.

“Breakfast” is where Jaden shows his true intentions with Rap. “Slum Village with the feeling, get a beat / Bet you I’ma kill it / You ain’t ready for the realest high / Suck it right between the ceiling  / Look, my flow is sick as hell / I had to bail my baby out of jail / I’m doing me, and I do it well / You think I’m wack? Who are you to tell / All you hype boys silly / You a square like Piccadilly / I do not care how you feeling / I thought you knew I’m a villain / I don’t like it when these jokers lookin’ at me sideways / On a highway / ‘Cause you know, I’m bout to do it my way.” Moments later he addresses the throne he seeks. Know I’m coming for the crown / Drop an album, kids want to party / Get them ni**as out my house / This is Hidden Hills, how are you allowed / I cut the music, it was loud / You don’t deserve my respect / When I talk to Kendrick, man I sit on the ground / Just to get a little reference / So we have no confusion / My flow Call of Duty prestige / Seeing through your illusions / The Illuminati’s real, that’s a deal / Write a book so I can prove it / All you rappers just a nuisance / It’s always been more than the music / Now they looking at my new fit / Rockin’ couture on the floor of a Louis V store / And I’m sorry I’m stupid / Riding to Metro, we boomin’ / All the MSFTS come together in a Tesla / And we zooming.”

Even though Jaden admits he wants the crown, he implies that he sits on the floor when speaking to Kendrick Lamar, as a sign of respect. From references to fashion, cars, and Calabasas, Jaden does not run from his identity as the public sees it. However, “Breakfast” also charges that he wants more, starting with respect for his forward thinking and sounding music.

A$AP Rocky appears in the song but does not contribute a verse. After a distorted convo between the two MCs, Jaden adds a closing verse to a different beat.

Syre also features Raury.