It’s Prodigy’s Birthday & This New Song Is A Present For Fans Of His Hard Verses (Audio)

Prodigy would have been 43 years old today (November 2). Tragically, the MC/author born Albert Johnson died this June, leaving Hip-Hop music forever altered. P’s cutthroat worldview, cautionary street tales, and cantankerous delivery made him pilot Hip-Hop’s rugged movement of the mid-’90s. While Mobb Deep would find mainstream’s embrace and tremendous success, P and Havoc kept their music raw for more than 25 years. Heads resonated with the message.

On the H.N.I.C.’s birthday, a new track surfaces. “Hardbody Karate” features a 2017 Prodigy verse intended for producer Vanderslice’s upcoming The Best Album Money Can Buy. The Pennsylvania producer and avid “Digga With Attitude” has worked with Freddie Gibbs, Vinnie Paz, Roc Marciano, and Evidence says he considers Prodigy his favorite MC. This meaningful collaboration also features Infamous Mobb member Big Twins and Conway The Machine, the Griselda/Shady MC who regularly shows how an MC like P would have been an influence.

In his verse, P raps about how advanced he was in crime, attracting women, and fashion. The Queens representative then uses his platform to belittle those who can’t get it right. “That’s all you got? / That’s the only lyrics you could come up with, my guy? / That’s the outfit you came out the house with? My God. / May the fashion god damn you and curse your seed / May your jeweler charge too much and turn your neck green / Maybe now you’ll learn that nobody will ever be this dope / Hip-Hop population control.

Vanderslice’s upcoming LP will reportedly also feature Ghostface Killah and Slug, in addition to Ev’ and Gibbs.

Rest in power, P!

Spotted at Mass Appeal.