Ezri Turns A Simple Trip To The Store Into An Epic Music Video

Cleveland, Ohio native Ezri (formerly known as “Ezzy”) has been amassing an entertainment career for some time now. After displaying his acting abilities on hit television show Empire and IFC Films’ The Land, he went back to the basics with music to give his supporters a fearless sound.

Be Right Back is a nine-track EP that was released just over a week ago through Mass Appeal Records. With label mates such as Dave East, Fashawn, and co-founder Nas, it is only right that Ezri’s demonstrates creativity. He is not just an artist that people would say, “keeps it real,” but he is a creator that is living in his truth and is willing to share his story with the world.

Earlier this fall, Ezri released his first single and visual to the title track Be Right Back which is a song that is inspired by personal experiences that the 19-year-old MC endured in the Neal Terrace Houses in Cleveland.

During the first verse, Ezri spits, “I’m afraid of losing my mama’s support / She disappointed ’cause I’m smoking marijuana for sport / And my daddy mad ’cause I’ve drinking and it’s hurting my health / Man, I don’t know if I’m losing myself or learning myself / I need some guidance / I’m supposed to be guiding this generation / How can I be in the streets and provide them with inspiration? / I am hypocrite / I need you to pray for me / I need you to have faith in me / I’ma need you to wait for me / I’ma be right back.”

“Be Right Back” is a POV video directed by Ian Moore and Ezri himself, which takes the audience on a trip through the man’s eyes on his way to the store to get his mother a dozen of eggs. His journey is sidelined by a confrontation that turns his day into a downward spiral that is fueled by beef, alcohol, and gun violence.

Once the madness begins to kick in, Ezri begins to read text messages with positive words from fellow MCs J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar while passing blunts and a bottle of Hennessy around the car. It takes a drunken conversation with himself in a gas station’s bathroom mirror for Ezri to realize that he’s going in the wrong direction. Ezri may be prospering as a lyricist and learning the ins and outs of the game. Yet, his content, creativity, and workmanship displays substance and the presence of a young man that could affect the industry drastically.

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