ScienZe Tells A Modern Day Tale Of Love & Prosperity (Video)

Hailing from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Dope League MC, ScienZe, has been garnering attention from Hip-Hop Heads since his initial releases in 2010. A true student of music, the mindful songwriter validated both his adoration of and devotion to Hip-Hop on his debut project, Ode 2 Dilla, a prudent 19-track tribute to the legendary Detroit producer. As his lyrical trajectory has sharpened throughout a handful of potent releases, ScienZe has consistently placed the discussion of love, relationships, self-assessment, and the pursuit of accomplishment at the forefront of his verbal sentiments.

Staying the topical course, the first visuals from the MC’s new album, Kind Of Dessert, come in the form of a dual-track video, pairing “I Would Rob A Whole Bank For You” with the LP’s subsequent song, “Main Course.”

In the first portion of the video, enamored by the allure of his female counterpart (Leiza Marie Cabrera), ScienZe calmly pulls off a bank heist in hopes of solidifying her allegiance to him, and eventually securing a reciprocated affection from his coveted queen. Fully aware that the fondness might not be entirely mutual, but a hostage of his own emotion, ScienZe conveys, “You stay frontin’ but I keep on coming back for ya / You addictive like a dance that I ain’t never had / I got to take 10 paces so we better off / But every 10 turns to 20 ‘cause I double back / To be honest I would rob a whole bank for you. I’m serious.”

With the robbery successfully executed, the video transitions into the concluding “Main Course” chapter. There, viewers find a more inspired and self-realized ScienZe, emphasizing immediately off the jump – “I used to let fear control my mind / Had to drop that sh*t / Get the faith back in can’t waste no time.”

In a symbolic interpretation of freeing himself from the handcuffs of that self-inflicted angst, a mask-less ScienZe, which is his fear personified, lays in the back seat of the getaway car with a gun to his head, ultimately breaking free from the boundaries that his apprehensions once created. Whether it be uneasiness within his love interest, the ever-changing trends within the music industry, or the inevitable highs and lows of life itself, by the end of the video ScienZe has found a healthy acceptance of his uncertainties. With peace of mind, he declares, “Still pressing play with the beats, my friends / Game gonna change in a week, my friends / God got it all, just eat my friends.”  

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