ScHoolBoy Q Joins TDE’s Next Breakout Star On A New Song. Meet SiR (Audio)

ScHoolboy Q offers super-smooth support to his Top Dawg Entertainment stable-mate on “Something Foreign” the latest single from Inglewood, California singer SiR released today.

Late last year, SiR said that he wanted to combine the worlds of Hip-Hop and R&B in a way that was uniquely his own. “Right now, the vibe is not too soulful; it’s a Trap vibe. That’s Hip-Hop right now especially hip-hop R&B, it’s Trap,” he said in an XXL interview. “So, I just want to change the movement. I want to give my own personal vibe.”

“Something Foreign” shows he’s doing just that. The two Top Dawg artists present a united front on a song that is more chill than one might expect. It’s seductive in terms of its feel and super laid back.

Starting with a sensual vibe, SiR sings: “This that fire, gasoline / It will burn soon / Casually, gradually / Defining gravity as I let go, no,” before things turn more carnal.

ScHoolboy Q’s verse, meanwhile, is a perfect match and shows off his versatility as an MC. He evokes a “cruise through Malibu” then describes a lover’s tryst: “Rub the skins, I found that heaven’s true / Melt the sun and keep the moon alive / Dry the winds, and moist behind the five / Can’t pretend the grade is sinned alive …”

Produced by Saxon, “Something Foreign” is all tinkly keys and barely-there drum sounds, with a retro mood. This is reinforced by the hook that refers to a “world full of egos, gangsters and evils” and the Film Noir-esque next line that he is a “player in the game … making [his] own rules.”

SiR released “Something Foreign” alongside another R&B-style song today that features British singer-songwriter, Etta Bond, and is called “Something New”. Both tracks are from an album currently in the works following his well-received EP Her Too that dropped last February.