Sadat X, Punchline & Fokis Imagine A World Where They Have It Their Way (Video)

Hip-Hop has long been a beacon of hope to people wishing for a better tomorrow. From the fantasy of Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” to the rags to riches trajectory on Biggie’s “Juicy,” to Nas’ wishful “If I Ruled The World,” some great records live by dreams.

New York City Hip-Hop mainstays Fokis, Punchline, and Sadat X offer utopian solutions in their latest song “If I Had It My Way” to become the kings of wishful thinking for a higher quality of life.

Sadat X – Remember That (Video) + Fokis – Just Sayin’ ft Sadat X

Throughout the video, there are flashes of imagery to support their erudite explanations about how they would correct the world’s woes such as poverty, government corruption, and war. They also wish to go back in time to fix their personal regrets and resurrect Big Pun and Big L on a bass-and-key beat.

With his signature twangy vocal sneer, Brand Nubian’s Sadat X discusses offering his own asthma inhaler to Eric Garner to LeBron James joining his beloved Knicks. Plus, his biggest wishes are seeing his daughter in Baltimore, and to regain his post as a high school teacher that went awry stemming from a gun possession charge in the late 2000s. “Eric Garner could use my pump / I would’ve helped out, yo, he wouldn’t have got jumped / I’d see my daughter more / Investigate paternity in Baltimore / I’d still be teaching / Figure all the kids that I could be reaching,” spits the veteran.

Sadat X & Diamond D Are Releasing A Joint Album. The 1st Video Is A Warning

This video belongs to Fokis’ Underground With Commercial Appeal. The MC/producer’s album, featuring Chi-Ali, Guilty Simpson, Torae, and Skyzoo, is available for stream below:

Fokis and Punchline released The Appetizer together in 2014. This year Sadat released The Sum Of A Man, produced entirely by Diamond D.