Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” Returns In March. Here Is The Latest Trailer (Video)

UPDATE #2: A second trailer to Atlanta Season 2 (aka “Robbin Season”) has been released to the public by FX. This one stars Donald Glover. The 30-second music-bedded video shows “Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks” falling into several different environments, alluding to the season ahead:

JANUARY 8 UPDATE: The trailer to Atlanta Season 2 (aka “Robbin Season”), as reported by FACT magazine, through a video tweeted by UpRoxx Hip-Hop:

ORIGINAL JANUARY 7 STORY: Donald Glover’s Golden Globe-winning TV series, Atlanta is set to return in less than two months. In news just announced, Season 2 will debut on March 1 after the first season broadcast wrapped in November of 2016.

Thirty-three-year-old Glover is not only an Emmy-Award-winning actor and director, but also a celebrated MC and singer, performing under the moniker, Childish Gambino.

In 2017,  Glover won “Best Actor In A TV Series, Comedy Or Musical” at the Golden Globe Awards and is this year nominated in five different Grammy categories, including “Album Of The Year,” for “Awaken, My Love!”

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For his work on the FX series Atlanta , Glover received nods as “Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series” and “Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series.” He is the first Black director to receive this honor.

Set in the emerging Trap scene in the Athens of the South, Atlanta follows “Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks” (Glover) as he tries to boost the rapping career of his cousin “Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ Miles” (Brian Tyree Henry). It also stars Lakeith Stanfield, break-out star in last year’s hit movie, Get Out and Zazie Beetz as Glover’s part-time lover and mother of his daughter.

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In a recent chat with Variety magazine, writer head story editor Stephen Glover (Donald’s younger brother) said that the second season is inspired by a 1992 Steven Tiny Toons video release. “In the writer’s room, we spent a lot of time talking about How I Spent My Summer Vacation. That was kind of the inspiration.” He continues, “If you watched them all together, they were a movie. We kind of took that idea of a whole story, but being told in a bunch of little parts that could be a show.” Donald adds, “You enjoy them if they’re together, but you can also enjoy them in little bits.”

Speaking with Complex News last July, Glover explained how a major part of the motivation for creating the series is to reflect how his home-town is changing and his hopes for its future. “I like the idea of Atlanta being a philosophical hub,” he says. “It would be cool for me if, you know, it was a place where people, specifically young minorities, came to build, because I think it’s changed and is a place where it could be molded and still be a great city for the future.”

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Referring to his “best friend” who grew up in California, Glover quotes him saying how “Black L.A. was and how that has changed, like where he grew up, in South Central’s not the same.” The fact that Atlanta, especially in the East Side is “still very, very Black,” he says is an advantage in terms of the creation of original art, as this will mean creators are likely to have greater control. “I think there’s a lot of potential there [in Atlanta] to own our culture,” he says.

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In other recent news: Donald Glover/Childish Gambino will be taking to the stage at the Grammys’ January 28 awards ceremony, alongside fellow nominees Kendrick Lamar and JAY-Z.