DOOM Punishes Childish MCs On His First Verses Of 2018 (Audio)

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Last Friday, Joey Bada$$ paid tribute to MF DOOM on his single, “King To A God.”I sell rhymes like dimes that leaves MFs doomed / Since my first tunes I’ve been raisin’ hell from the tombs / I’m getting hotter every June / You say you with the smoke, I’m with the heavy fumes,” spit the Pro Era MC, with wordplay referencing an Operation Doomsday gem. Just a few days later (January 22), DOOM drops his first verses of 2018. The lyrics arrive courtesy of Michigan native musician/producer Dabrye, and the bars scold the youth who may not be as savvy as Joe Badmon.

Like DOOM, Dabrye rocks several pseudonyms when he releases his art, which can range in genre. However, DOOM’s vocals on “Lil Muf*kuz” are straight-to-the-dome-Hip-Hop, and straight to the point. The KMD MC/producer attacks “childish rappers” with a list of punishments. “Cut off allowances and take away they toys / You think that’s harsh? It’s even worser for the boys / Whup’ their ass in front of their friends / Then drag them outta here like, ‘Don’t do that again! / Now get to chores otherwise you can’t hit the block for a month / You grounded. No outside. No out front / Grown folks talkin’, don’t even mumble!’ / Watch ’em run away from home, and come back humble.” DOOM goes on to detail slapping these juvenile rappers off of monkey-bars at the playground, and calls out the youngins for eating too much sugar, including Now-N-Later taffy by name. At the close of his second verse, he urges the youth to respect their elders and tell their “sisters and brothers” to do the same.

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Throughout his career, DOOM has been a big brother and a mentor to many younger Hip-Hop artists. In recent years, the masked villain has been tied to Bishop Nehru, Westside Gunn, and Jneiro Jarel. As Heads see if WestsideDOOM builds into a project beyond “2 Stings,” DOOM made full-on collabos with the other two: Nehruvian DOOM and J.J. DOOM’s Keys To The Kuffs, respectively. Those projects both dropped on Britain’s Lex Records.

Previously, Dabrye has collaborated with esteemed MCs such as Ghostface Killah, J Dilla, and Cannibal Ox’s Vast Aire. This song belongs to his February 16 LP, Three/Four, a thematic follow-up to 2006’s Two/Three.

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Last month, DOOM publicly mourned his 14-year-old son, Malachi Dumile.

This song premiered at The Fader.