Ras Kass, J57 & El Gant’s Jamo Gang Has Eyes On Them & Scopes Too (Video)

UPDATE: Stream and purchase the Jamo Gang’s self-titled EP:

ORIGINAL JANUARY 17 STORY: It’s been a year since Ras Kass, El Gant, and J57 announced they had formed the Jamo Gang. With that news, the trio with the Irish whiskey-inspired name released their first single, “Here We Go Again.” The J-Gang now offers the video to “All Eyes On Us” featuring Deejay Element of Brown Bag All-Stars.

The video for “All Eyes On Us” shows only El Gant and Ras Kass in front of a flashing light and multiple rifle scopes in their view. Each of them spits poetic artillery in their corresponding verses. Over J57’s resounding bass, echoing snares and moody Moog keyboards, Ras Kass throws gas on the flames with his notable raspy tone:

“Hand on the 20-bill / Lord of the underground / Tubman’s railroad freeing ni**as down South / Mentally, he be’s in the trap / Lyrical Rap / Satirical, we be giving you fact s /Confederate flag burning, Nat Turner hashtag /F*ck drum / Shrimp cocktail with a bottle and a bubble gum / Two ropes double dutch / Pump fake double clutch / Jamo runs sh*t like you woke up with the bubble guts.”

Ras Kass Forms A New Group With J57 & El Gant. Here’s The First Single (Audio)

Following both of their verses, Heads hear the sultry vocals of the song title from a songstress. Deejay Element’s lightning quick turntable cuts along with J57’s chest-beating yelps to drive home the track. It’s a testament to why Ras Kass, El Gant, and J57 are confident in maintaining the respect among Heads searching for lyricism and hard beats to tickle their fancy.

The upcoming January 30 EP features Shabaam Sahdeeq and Big T.W.I.N.S. of Infamous Mobb, along with scratching and mixing to a bonus track.

Photograph by Robert Adam Mayer aka Photo Rob.

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