Focus The Truth Wants To Know If You’re Down To Ride With Him (Video)

The name Focus The Truth can be read two ways. It could be interpreted as an alias (Focus) coupled with a title (The Truth), or the moniker can be taken as a whole and viewed as a statement of what this MC does — focus the truth. Either way, this rapper out of Jamaica, Queens definitely puts emphasis on being genuine to himself and his hood. He can rap double-time, but he’s far from a Trap rapper. It’s clear he is inspired by the greats that came before him, but he also doesn’t sound like a throwback.

Focus was battling on street corners before discovering the allure of the booth. Then, a two-year stay in London helped this hungry lyricist hone his skills in the studio…not to mention broaden his worldview. While in the UK he linked up with his secret weapon, a producer going by the name of Smoking Indoors (originally stylized as SMKGNDRS). These two have cooked up three albums together since 2012, including D.U.I. (Discourse Under Influence)Berwick Road, and the brand new Love Will Get You Killed. Focus also dropped last year’s Q85, which had a variety of different producers behind the boards and featured highlights like “He Said” and “Basquiat” (with Oswin Benjamin).

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Now comes the visuals for “Ride For Me,” a standout track from Love Will Get You Killed. This down-tempo cut starts with just a simple bit of piano that plays for several loops before the understated drums and bass-line kick in. However, Focus doesn’t wait for the percussion to bust into his barrage of introspective bars. After spitting a flavor first verse, he harmonizes on the hook, asking listeners if they’re down to ride for him.

The video itself is in black and white and is largely footage of hood daredevils busting tricks on ATVs and dirt bikes. It’s reminiscent of the ’90s and early 2000s Ruff Ryders videos. Director Mohammed Hammad deserves props for his skillful editing and creative camera work.

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