Redman Rates The Bars & He’s Not Afraid To Hand Out Zeros (Video)

Last week, T.I. rated the bars. The Grand Hustle Records founder put some of his artists and close affiliates ahead of Tupac Shakur, leading to some interesting discourse from fans. This week, it is Redman who sits in the director chair and rates the MCs’ bars handed to him on note cards. Funk Doc quantifies verses from Def Squad brother Keith Murray, Hard Knock Life Tour-mate JAY-Z, and past collaborator Royce 5’9 (who rated some bars of his own in 2017).

The Gilla House MC is objective for the most part. He hands Keith “a 2 or a 3” for 2003 video single “Candi Bar.” Meanwhile, Nickle Nine’s “Assassins” verse (on Pharoahe Monch’s W.A.R.) scores a 2 from Reggie Noble. However, in reading an excerpt from former Def Jam Records label-mate 2 Chainz that seemingly disses a close friend and fellow ’90s New Jersey MC, Redman refuses to look any further into the verse’s merits.

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Rating Tity Boi’s “Feds Watching” single, (which includes lines: “Grams to Grammy’s, two guns Yosemite / Ni**as put their glock on your ass, f*ck that Heather B)” Red’ reacts, “right there, I can’t f*ck wit’chu. When you say anything negative about Heather B, I go to the next card. You gets no play here,” he says, tossing the card and doling out a zero.

For the highest rating in the series (including Phonte and Yo Gotti), Redman gives it up for Brooklyn, New York’s Torae. He awards the 2016 video single “Clap Sh*t Up” (which featured Phonte) a perfect 5. At the top of the segment, Funk Doc also gave himself an immaculate rating for his feature verse on Ghostface Killah’s “Buck 50,” on Supreme Clientele.

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#BonusBeat: Last year, Red’s Gilla House artist released a new mix to his “Hate Runs Deep” single:

This video is part of Ambrosia For Heads‘ “Now You See Me” series.